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"I found myself in an abusive relationship, both verbally and physically...  How could this happen to me? Though that relationship has been over for years, I still had flashbacks. The only way to get through it, was with therapy.  Fort Lauderdale Behavior Therapy was the perfect choice to help me process the trauma and residual feelings that I was having."

Trauma is any devastating or disturbing experience that can cause long or short-term mental, physical, or emotional problems. Usually after the trauma, people deal with denial, shock and eventually more serious issues such as flashbacks, headaches, nausea, emotionally instability which can be unpredictable, body pains and more. Clearly, these symptoms, especially the ones that manifest emotionally, can have a serious strain on relationships.  Some of the more common events that can cause trauma are things such as rape, a bad accident, or being a victim of violence. PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), is a mental health condition, which is the result of trauma.  

With PTSD, the individual might be plagued by nightmares, ongoing flashbacks, and severe anxiety. The thoughts that one may have surrounding the trauma, are uncontrollable. Trauma victims often find themselves escaping the experience, and avoid reliving it, by acting out in some addictive fashion.  Usually this happens with drugs, alcohol, sex, food or gambling. Help is available for those who suffer with trauma or PTSD.  

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