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Am I or, is my husband, wife, or partner a sex addict?


This is a common question, and there are resources that can help you or your spouse/partner determine if you or they are struggling with sexual addiction. There is a “free” online assessment called "The Sexual Addiction Screening Test" (SAST), which you or your partner can take (if s/he is willing). This test will help to verify if you or s/he do in fact have a compulsion to sex or pornography addiction. There is also an online assessment for you as the partner, which is called the "Partner Sexuality Survey" (PSS). This survey can help determine whether or not your partner is struggling with sexual addiction.. These tests are offered by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and should be analyzed by a professional who is trained in the treatment of sexual addiction.


Sexual addiction is traumatic for the spouse or partner of the person with the addiction. We recommend you seek qualified, trained, experienced help for support. If you are the spouse of a sex addict, please take the "Partner Sexuality Survey" (PSS) to analyze the impacts his or her sex addiction has had on your life and relationship.


There is hope and there is help! Reach out now and start the healing.

Fort Lauderdale's Behavior Therapy and Sex Addiction Treatment Center
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Mitchel Rosenholtz, MSW

Testing and Treating Compulsive

& Addictive Sexual Behaviors

Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST)



The SAST is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior, which may indicate the presence of sex addiction.


Partner Sexuality Survey (PSS)



Are you the partner, or former partner, of a sex addict? The Partner Sexuality Survey (PSS) serves to analyze the impacts of sex addiction on the partners of addicts.


After taking the Partner Sexuality Survey (PSS) you will receive a brief report that outlines areas of your sexuality that may have been impacted by your partner’s addiction. 


The only risk associated with taking this survey is that it may bring up some emotions related to your experience in this relationship.  If this should occur, please seek the guidance of our office. There is a small fee of only $6.50 associated with taking this survey. Please contact my office to complete the online survey.  *All surveys and tests should be evaluated by a qualified, trained professional to determine accurate results.


Sexual Addiction Risk Assessment (SARA)


SARA is an anonymous and private sex addiction self-assessment; it compares your answers with thousands of other sex addicts who have preceded you in treatment, thus affording you the benefit of comparing your life with the lives of others who share the same problem.


The SARA consists of 88 questions and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you and your therapist will receive a detailed, personalized 23-page report to help you determine your next course of action. Please note that fees do apply for this extensive assessment, and you will need to review the results with a therapist.  Please call 561-501-1725 to make an appointment for access the online SARA test.


The "Betrayal Bond" Index Test



The statements in the following test explore traumatic bonding, wherein a person bonds on the basis of betrayal. The result is what we call a "betrayal bond.” This can and often does present itself in the experience of "Love Addiction". A love addict often finds him/herself engaging in obsessive and illogical behaviors to maintain, keep, or find a relationship.


Take this test if you think you may be involved in a relationship that involves betrayal bonding. When you are finished, please contact us for a detailed, clarified analysis of your report.

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