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How Does It Work & What is Psychodynamic Therapy

In our initial therapy session (2-4 sessions) there will be a lot of questions and answers from the both of us. As time continues and we enter into doing the therapeutic work together, you are likely to notice less answers and more questions from me (this is to help you recognize, learn, trust and connect more with your inner self). You may also notice that I am no longer taking the lead or an initiative in the direction or control over the topics for our sessions. Now you are becoming more responsible for your sessions direction and flow. By doing this it allows for you to bring into each session what issues or problems are the most pressing and concerning for you each week.

Therapy is a process that is best summed up by the age old expression “All roads will lead you to Rome”. You see, in the type of therapy that we will be doing together, it does not matter what topic, issue, or problem you decide to talk about because, in time each topic will reveal to us a same or similar pattern. These patterns will start to reveal your true personality and behaviors which we will be the base for learning and understanding, which will lead to changes in your inner-self. You will start to be able to recognizing these patterns that we are uncovering through therapy in the many relationships you have with others in your life (i.e. your spouse, boss, coworkers, relationships, friends, and me your therapist). One way or another these patterns will begin to emerge in the therapeutic process (all roads lead to Rome), and from the interactions between you and me (your therapist). It is important for you to establish the trust in me and in this therapeutic process, in order for you to speak freely with me of your most inner thoughts. By describing to me what is going on inside of your mind, you speak and say everything no matter how insignificant or even silly you may think your thoughts are to the problems or issues you are experiencing.

This type of uncensored thinking and specking is called “free association” and it works best if you speak with me as if you were thinking and talking out loud to yourself as if nobody else was in the room but you. Because this process does not happen over night for most people, nor does the building of trust in our working relationship become established over night, it will take some time and effort to get us to this point in our therapy together, but once we arrive here the magic really begins to happen.  This is done with having trust and confidence.
The first two to four sessions of ours will include a very comprehensive evaluation of your problems and determining what your needs will be for achieving success in treatment. By the end of this  evaluation period I will offer you my professional initial impressions of your problems and  areas of concerns.  Then I will give to you my professional recommendations treatment and  how I see I will best be able to help you with your problems. We will discuss your treatment goals and create an initial treatment plan. If you decide that you want to continue working  together in therapy, I will review further with you what you can expect from our work together  and how you are most likely going to be able to achieve success in your treatment.

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