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OCD is a type of anxiety disorder where a person feels compelled to repeat the same behaviors.  These behaviors are usually ritualized and uncontrollable. There are a lot of speculations about the reasons for OCD, but the absolute source of this disorder is unknown. Because of these obsessions (thoughts) and compulsions (behaviors), these repeated symptoms can interfere with everyday life, especially relationships.  Examples are things such as the need for things to be symmetrically correct in a space, and if not, it causes the individual anxiety.  Other examples are cleaning repeatedly for fear of germs, checking something over and over, arranging things in order in a very particular way, excessive handwashing, checking the stove to see if it’s off, or checking a locked door repeatedly.


Not everyone who repeats behaviors is OCD. It’s only when a person cannot stop their thoughts or behaviors, even though they may know they are excessive.  Another form of OCD is called “Emotional OCD”, where it is difficult for an individual to stop ruminating with their thoughts or feelings. It may seem they are playing the same old tape over and over in their mind and can’t stop the recording from playing.  Realizing that OCD essentially is, at its foundation, and anxiety disorder, help is available when we treat the anxiety at its root cause.

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