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How Result Counseling & Therapy Can Help You


"One of the best decisions of my life, was going to Fort Lauderdale Behavior Therapy.  My  addiction was ruining all my relationships, and I needed someone to talk to. Mitch really help me uncover why I was acting out, and what I could do to begin to repair the damages"

   "I focus on each client’s distinct and unique situation, and tailor treatment to your individual needs"

    "You will experience therapy with compassion and understanding.

     Your therapy is always free from any & all judgment of any kind"

Result Counseling & Therapy specializes in treating all addictive behavior problems & healing broken relationships:


  • Sexual Addiction or Sexual Anorexia

  • Love Addiction

  • Pornography Addiction

  • Relationship Addictions

  • Infidelity Issues (Cheating Spouse/Partner)

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Online Computer Addictions

  • Gaming & Gambling

  • Food & Eating Addiction

  • Co-Dependency & Attachment Problems

Everyday we see and help clients who suffer from stressful and painful issues such as:

  • Thoughts of Self Harm

  • Blaming and Shaming

  • Loss of Trust

  • Codependency

  • Loss of Productivity at Work

  • Negative Body Image

  • Feelings of Rage

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Guilt and Remorse

  • Snooping or Interrogating Partners

  • Boundary Setting and Maintaining

  • Problems Sleeping

  • Damaged Self Esteem

  • Obsessive Loving or Stalking

  • Gay and Lesbian Related Problems

  • Relational and Marital Issues (Cheating Spouse or Partner)

  • Self-Harming or Cutting

  • Anger Management Problems

  • Attachment Disorders

  • Identity Problems

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