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"After I discovered that my wife had cheated on me, the pain was so deep. I never imagined that anything could hurt me so badly.  I finally got the courage to call Mitchel at Fort Lauderdale Behavior Therapy, and I am learning, day by day, how to move on with my life."

Infidelity is the action of being unfaithful to a spouse or significant other through some sort of sexual act. When this takes place the affected partner feels betrayal. Betrayal is when the victim is enduring pain, questioning the relationship and are unsure they can trust their partner, after the act of infidelity. Infidelity often makes the partner feel inadequate, unloved, unattractive or insignificant because the bond that was established through intimacy, is now broken, thus leading to the ultimate feeling of being unvalued, uncared for, and unloved. In most cases, where true love exists from at least one partner, they are left trying to decide whether to stay or go, or to forgive. In these situations, the relationship is always left with some level of damage, because of the ongoing feeling of betrayal and fear of the possibility of infidelity again.  

In most cases, women see affairs as more significant than men do. Men tend to feel that lying about the infidelity is okay, if it protects the family unit or the relationship.  Women tend to be more concerned with their family, moreover their children if they have been unfaithful. The children and family take precedence over their partner.  Men often take sex and affairs very casually, as they are naturally more visually stimulated than women are.  Women are more likely to uphold commitment because they are by nature, deeply emotional beings.  This notion, becomes a bit more complicated in same-sex relationships.  Let it be known that women are not necessarily more romantic or committed than men.  Although men are usually more casual with sex, it does not mean that infidelity is any less foreign to women, it is just handled in a very different way.  

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