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We are happier now then when we first got married.  I feel like Mitchel saved our marriage and our lives. We communicate effectively now, and can really hear, listen and be present with each other. I learned what was causing me to act out, and I am now in control of my behaviors for the first time in a very long time. I am more in love with my wife now then I have ever been. Thank you, Mitchel you really saved my life and my marriage. Joe P.

Quality, Effective & Reliable Therapy & Group Therapies


See the difference when you partner with the right therapist, couples counselor, or therapy group.


Schedule your free 15 minute consultation session to talk directly with me Mitchel Rosenholtz, MSW, LCSW for expert individual therapy, couples counseling or group facilitated sessions. Therapy sessions take place online via Zoom, Face Time or Telephone.

We will discuss the problems you are having and your desires to resolve your issues. Then we will assess if our working together is a good fit before we move forward into the treatment stages.

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Or send a confidential message for more information or to schedule a free consultation or appointment. 

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