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"There are no words to express my heartfelt gratitude to Fort Lauderdale Behavior Therapy.  Mitchel was so understanding and supportive, and really helped me get on the road to healing.  Now my marriage is reaching new heights, and I feel like we are newlyweds again!! "

Counseling & Support for Betrayed Spouses & Partners

What do you do when it happens to you?

When you first realize that you are the partner or spouse of a person that has betrayed you, it can feel devastating.  When you find out that your partner or spouse’s behavior was not a one time or isolated event, but his out of control behavior is caused by a sexual addiction. When you realize, “my husband is addicted to porn” or “my husband is addicted to sex and they have been cheating on me”, the feelings of shock, depression, rage, confusion and isolation are what most spouses and partners have shared with me that they have felt upon first finding out

“When I first discovered my husband was acting out sexually in our relationship with online porn, texting and dating with other women, I felt deviated, I felt so isolated like I had no one anymore that I could turn to. I felt so alone, so angry, so betrayed. I felt something inside me die at that time. I am so thankful that I reached out for counseling and support. The tools I have learned with you Mitchel has helped me so much to heal and find my courage and strength to shine on again, I am on my way to becoming a better mother, sister, and partner. I am now focused on my own healing and I am employing self-care and love for myself all the time. - Thank you Mitchel”

Dealing with Spousal Betrayal

Discovering your significant other has a secret sexual life is a traumatic event. As a result, many betrayed partners and spouses deal with traumatic stress symptoms such as physical pain, increased anxiety, insomnia, depression, poor self-image, overeating, substance abuse, and sexual withdrawal. If you can relate to any of this, you are not alone and there is help on the other side of sexual betrayal.


For many people the process of going through the pain and grief will express itself in the following manner:


1. Denial: It will be fine, maybe I am crazy or making too much out of this.


2. Anger: Why me, why us? How can he/she keep doing this to me!


3. Bargaining: I will do anything if they would only change and stop lying.


4. Depression: I feel so betrayed, I don't know where to turn. I have no hope.


5. Acceptance: This is really happening, I am not crazy, and it is time for me to get help and healing.


Getting Help With Betrayal Through Effective Counseling

Mitchel Rosenholtz, MSW, is very experienced at helping both the sexually addicted clients and the betrayed partner.

Let me help you overcome, grow and learn during this very difficult and challenging time.

fort lauderdale couples therapy

My practice specializes in sexual and relational integrity. Every day I treat clients who are experiencing the pain of betrayal, infidelity, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and through the use of couples counseling I help clients to mend and fix their damaged relationships.


Recovering and Moving Forward after Spousal Betrayal


Change is not an easy process, change is often very frightening, and going through pain is never fun or easy, but it is always necessary for growth, healing and self-understanding.  Recovery and finding happiness again is possible. If you are ready to move forward, I will help you step out of the cycle of pain and trauma. I will guide you in restoring your heart and your life, you will learn to understand and process your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will learn to recreate the life and person you want to become.


If you are dealing with a spouse or partner's sexual betrayal and would like to start focusing on getting your life back on track, I am here to support your healing.  To schedule an appointment with me in my Fort Lauderdale office, or if you have any questions, I welcome your call my office at 954-951-3077 or email me at 

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