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Are You a Victim of Ashley Madison Hacked Website?

My office has been inundated by phone calls from husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, all very concerned over the hacked Ashley Madison website; Asking what should I do now that I know, I have been cheated on by my partner or spouse?  Some have even asked should I check the website for my husbands email address or should I not check it (I’m afraid what I may find out)?  These are difficult and personal questions which there are not all one size fits all answer to. Nor is there a simple resolve when marital and relational  commitments are broken thorough infidelity, cheating, and lies.  

What is for sure, is that your secretes have already been or are potentially about to be exposed.  This most often causes a great deal of anxiety, stress, paranoia, and even anger inside of some people. You are likely to lie even more inorder to continue denying and covering up your infidelity and cheating.  This is in an attempt to avoid damaging your relationship and hurting your loved one with the inevitable
pain breaking news of your relational betrayal, which was caused by your sexual acting out behaviors. However you must realize at this point the damage to the relationship has already been done. If your spouse knows or even just suspects infidelity then the damage to this relationship is already there. The finding out of a spouse or partners infidelity and betrayal will often cause traumatic feelings and painful reaction spurred upon by the feelings of betrayal, mistrust, humiliation, and confusion.

If you been exposed as a result of the Ashley Madison hack, or if you are worried about being exposed by the Ashley Madison website hack, or are just simply tired of lying, cheating, and hiding.  I can can help your relationship or marriage survive this sort of traumatic life event (It is likely in time you may both be able to look back and say “this was the best thing that could have ever had happened to us”).


I help individuals who are battling with compulsive sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  I also help couples which are experiencing the pain and trauma often caused from relational betrayal and infidelity.  I work with couples in the disclosing and sharing of those sexual secrets to their loved ones in a healthy, productive, non judgmental fashion, with a directive of purpose and meaning.

So if you have been exposed by the Ashley Madison hack or are worried about being exposed, please call me for a confidential therapy session in my Fort Lauderdale office.  Hope and healing can be restored back into a relationship where both parties are willing to work at rebuilding a solid foundation of trust, love, intimacy and forgiveness.

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