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Insightful and very helpful. A true professional in the industry. Thank you again for your help!  Larry R.

Mitchel Rosenholtz Portrait
Mitchel Rosenholtz, MSW, LCSW
Specializing in Treating Sexualy Compulsive Behaviors & Healing Relationships!

Mitchel B. Rosenholtz, MSW, LCSW



I started Result Counseling and Therapy in order to help individuals, couples, and families who are suffering from the damaging effects of behavior addictions. These compulsive behaviors can be quite damaging, and can interfere with living a healthy, productive life.  I specialize in the treatment and recovery of compulsive sexual behaviors and pornography addiction. I work with individuals and groups, and with couples dealing with damaged or broken relationships, the disclosure and healing of infidelity,  intimacy-related issues, boundary setting, and co-dependency.


I knew that I could help people who were suffering from the pain, guilt, and shame of addiction. I am drawn to the profession by my deep empathy for those who are suffering and my passion for working with behavioral addictions. These qualities have enabled me to succeed and excel at diagnosing, treating, and helping individuals recover.


I find treating these “process addictions” particularly rewarding.  Each client is different and unique in their own experiences and stories. To me, the process feels like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. We lay all the pieces out on the table, look at them together, find the corner pieces, and work together until the last piece is in its place. That “last piece” is the piece that fulfills the life you always wanted to live. 


I am a trained graduate of Barry University (Miami, FL), having completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW), and licensed by the State of Florida as a clinical social worker intern.


I look forward to helping you personally with your problems. You were courageous in making the first move to find me, and now I challenge you to remain courageous in your next and arguably the most important step of all; beginning your journey of self discovery and healing. 


Best Wishes,

Mitchel B. Rosenholtz, MSW, LCSW

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